Orchid Dream


A great gift for those who appreciate the Phalaenopsis orchid or any special flowering plant. An easy-care potted plant , available from www.floriacasa.com florists network for same day delivery. Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic plant, that means it doesn't enjoy full sunlight. Excess light turn leaves yellow. It also means that it needs to potted in a transparent vase. Orchid roots are very active parts of the plant that need daylight to complete its processes. Water once a week and let the soil dry between two watering sessions. You'll know it's time to water once the surface of the roots turns silver-white. Throw away excess water from the tray. Fertilize with specific fertilizer but never in the blooming period. That may cause bloom loss. If these conditions are accomplished Phalaenopsis will double its size and will bloom 3-4 times /year. The flowers will last up to 3 months, that's a lot of time to enjoy them. 

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* Some flowers and the vase may differ from the ones presented in the picture.


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