Floriacasa.com started from a simple idea that involved some of my friends from abroad who needed some flowers and gifts in Romania. Because I speak a few foreign languages, my friends recommended me to their foreign friends, who also needed some gifts of bouquets or gift baskets in Romania or something like that. And I thought that I could do a business out of this. An online florist for diaspora and for foreigners with friends, relatives or business partners in Romania. So I made this online shop with gift baskets and flowers with 4 variants of language, for the Romanian diaspora around the world and friends. For those of you who need bouquets, flower baskets or gift baskets, roses, tarts, chocolate candy or potted plants, you might find here what you want.

I only work with local florists and confectioners, because along our cooperation, it has been confirmed to me that they are the most involved and more caring in the whole process, from the creation of the bouquet, the flower basket or the cake to the delivery. Not to say that I think I'm helping a bit to the growth of the local economy. They are working and trustworthy people who are doing their best to deliver the freshest flowers, the freshest cakes and the most pruned commodities. We've been working together for years and doing a good team.

We deliver flowers to large cities and surroundings without any problems. But in small towns you have to know that the selection of flowers is lower, so I recommend you to choose simple bouquets. If you still want more sophisticated bouquets or baskets, please make your order early.