About Flowers and Their Signification

Even if the flowers appear to be speechless, is amazing how many times we use them to send a message, feelings or to accentuate what we want to say. We send flowers to communicate congratulations, wishes, regrets and of course, our love. The flowers can be melancholic, romantics, braves or shy. It's very important to know their signification. The love is more credible when we express it together with a bouquet. We can show our deception using the right flowers and the person that we love will be more receptive.

Types of  Flowers and Their Significations

Anemone – anticipation, wait, infinite love; Anthurium – eccentricity; Amaryllis – beauty; Aloe – pain, sadness; Angelica – inspiration; Anise – youthful; Azalea – fragile passion, the Chinese symbol of the women; Bamboo – chance, fortune; Basil – good wishes, affection; Begonia – defense; Pine – time, wait; Peony – bashfulness; Camellia – luck; Calla – fertility, wellness; Cactus – resist; Chrysanthemum - maturity; Coriander – wish; Cyclamen – good bye; White Lily – virtue, beauty, elegance; Orange Lily – friendship; Peruvian Lily – perseverance, security; Yellow Lily – joy; Eucalyptus – protection; Sunflower – loyalty, wishes; Dry Flowers – review, bracken – sincerity; Freesia – innocence; Carnation – endless fidelity, eternal love; Gardenia – joy, secret love; Gladiolus – generosity; Gerbera – freshness, joy; Hibiscus – delicate beauty; Iris – faith, destiny; Ivy – friendship and fidelity; Flax – the symbol of the house, destiny; Jasmine – grace and elegance; Juniper – protection; Tulip – fame; Red Tulip – "believe me", love declaration; Yellow Tulip – love without hope; Laurel Leaf – power; Lavender – devotion; Lemon – flavor; Purple Lily – first love; Chamomile – patience; Apple Tree Leafs – luck, chance; Daisy – destiny, simplicity; Mimosa – sensibility; Myrtle – memory; Magnolia – sweetness, beauty, love for the nature; Mint – hot feelings; Poppy – consolation; Daffodil – respect; Forget-me-not – true love; Water lily – purity; Orchid – grace, style; Ox's Eye – love, kindness; Strelizia (The Bird of Paradise) – glory; Dandelion – wishes becoming true; Petunia – hate, anger; Rosemary – memories; Acacia – secret love; Fig – satire; Sage – virtue at home; Rose – love; White Rose – eternal love, innocence, mystery, silence; Pink Rose – believe me; Yellow Rose – friendship, jealousy; Red and White Roses – unity; Rose Without Thorns – love at first sight; Bud Rose – youth love innocence; Bunch of Roses – thanks; Mistletoe – the beginning of love; Violet – trust modesty; Blue Violet – concern; Wild Hyacinth – modesty, constancy; Blue Hyacinth – constancy; Purple Hyacinth – regrets; Red or Rose Hyacinth – game; White Hyacinth – affection; Zinnia - friendship.

The Symbols of the Colors

The power of the colors is well known from the oldest times. The color is giving us the right mood and is making us more receptive. Same as the flowers, the colors can make friendships, relax or revitalize a relation.

White means innocence, honesty but also sobriety and calm. We can send white flowers if we want to express our friendship or the sympathy towards somebody. The white suggest beauty, perfection but also peace and calm. That's why the white is good to express the regret and the sympathy for somebody who is passing thru difficult moments.

Violet is the color of the melancholy and depth but also of the friendship. We can send violet flowers to somebody as a sign that we think about him, to suggest the grown love. In the same time we can send a violet bouquet to a person who needs affective support. We show that we care and he can count on us.

Red is the color of the passion and enthusiasm. It symbolizes the power of the feelings. We use red to express our deep love for somebody.

Yellow is the symbol of the light, sun, energy and joy. Using yellow flowers, we can express our happiness, but also wishes for somebody.

Orange suggests intimacy, warmth. This is the color of the happiness. Giving the impression of protection, optimism and joy, a bouquet of orange flowers can be sent anytime to our friends and relatives.

Pink is the color of tenderness and delicacy. It's the most romantic color. We use it to express our love and protection feelings but also to reconcile the person that we love, because pink can come down the spirit.

Green expresses calm, relaxation and hope. A green bouquet is appropriate to send to new mothers or to somebody with serious medical problems. We can send green flowers to somebody who is really stressed or is crossing radically changes.

Brown is also a calm color suggesting honesty and adulthood. It creates a neuter atmosphere, but comfortable and welcoming in the same time. It can express adult and strong feelings but also fidelity and trust.

About Roses

We offer roses when we are in love, when we respect, when we are happy or when we ask for forgiveness. They are the most loved flowers, venerate from the oldest times all around the world. These flowers know all the feelings of the human soul. That's why many times we prefer to send them to express our love, our questions or our sadness. But few of us know the real story of the rose, the legends and the symbols that it inspired.

The Legends of the Rose

There are in the world lots of stories about the origin of the rose, about its different colors, about its thorns.

A Greek legend says that the rose was supposed to be the most beautiful flower. The deity of the flowers, Chloris, has created the rose from the body of a death nymph and she wanted this flower to be unique in the world. That's why she called all the gods to give it something from their qualities: Dyonissos gave it his perfume, the three Graces gave it the brightness, the joy and the charm, Zephyr, the spring wind, moved away the clouds, so that Apollo could light and bloom it. At the and Ares, the god of the war, gave it the thorns, so that it can defend its beauty. The rose, like the flower of love, had to be associated to Aphrodite too. Some stories say that the rose appeared in the same time with the deity of the beauty, from the foam of the sea, surrounding her. Other legends say that the rose was born from the Cupid's smile and the thorns are his converted arrows.

An Indian myth says that two great gods had a fight because they couldn't decide witch is the most beautiful flower. Vishnu loved the rose and Brahma, who had never seen a rose in his live, the lotus. When Vishnu showed him for the first time a rose, his rival had to agree that it's better even then the lotus. About its thorns, Zarathustra says that's the evil invention of the bad spirit, Ahriman.

A Romanian legend says almost the same thing: God had created the rose and the devil its thorns.

About its different colors there are lots of legends: they say that the rose was only white at the beginning, but it became red when Jupiter had seen Venus taking a bath in a lake surrounded by roses.

An Arabian legend talks about the yellow rose: Mahomed prophet, who was far away from home had a hunch about the infidelity of his wife, Aisha and he asked for the archangel Gabriel's advice. He told him to turn back home and to tell to his wife to throw the object that she has in her hand, and if this one changes the color, that's the evidence of her infidelity. Aisha received her husband with a white roses bouquet, who became yellow when she had touch the lake where she threw them.

The Persians have a story about the red rose: a nightingale was deep in love with a white rose, that the nightingale crossed so tide that it pierced his heart and the blood colored the flower – the Persian story inspired Oscar Wilde when he wrote " The Nightingale and the Rose".

The Rose as a Symbol

This delicate flower is considered to be the most expressive symbol of love, because it can cover all the aspects that the love can have: passion, pain, jealousy. Longtime ago, in Italy, the rose used to be the flower of the marriage proposals: the lover use to throw rose petals in front of his beloved, and if the second day she whisked them that meant the refuse, otherwise they had only to decide about the wedding day. In the same time, the rose meant tragic love, break up: In the Antiquity the rose use to be the funeral flower for the ladies; on their wife's graves, the Romans use to put smashed flowers, symbol of their smashed hearts. Besides the Romans, the Greeks the Egyptians and the Celtics knew the funeral signification of the rose. The Celtics use to put a rose three on their relative's graves to bring them peace and happiness on the other world.

The church had hardly accepted the rose like a Christian symbol, because it was used by the heathens to celebrate different gods. Because of its thorns, the rose was chosen the symbol of Jesus pains, and so the red rose symbolize the martyrdom. The holly virgin is called by the Catholics Rosa Mysthica and lots of the saints are painted wearing roses crowns. Besides, the statues of different saints are decorated for holidays with roses. There is thou a weird symbol of the rose – confidentiality, secret, silence. During the Roman Age, the parties were a good occasion for political meetings where they were deciding the alliances and the conspiracies. They were throwing rose petals everywhere, in the rooms prepared specially for these meetings. The chat was top secret and it gave birth to the expression "under the rose" meaning private, secret.

The Rose in the History

It is mentioned for the first time in an old Sumerian inscription. The text says the a small number of rose threes were brought by the Akkadian king Sargon I, from a military expedition on the other side of Tiger River and they were planted in his garden.

Apparently, in Europe it was Alexander the Great who brought the rose from Persia, after a war. Herodot believed that Midas has brought the flower on the Greek land. Confucius wrote that the king of China had over 600 books about the roses to know how to take care of his favorite flowers. In the Christian Middle Age, the most popular signification of the rose was given by the Pope Leon IX who started the ceremony of the golden rose, sent every year to a different European king as a sign of respect and appreciation.

How Do We Offer the Roses?

We give roses when we are in love, when we respect, when we are happy. Not only the color, but also the way we offer them, the number are sending different messages.

One rose: true love

Three roses: engagement

One red rose: deep love

White rose: respect

Yellow rose: joy

Flowered roses bouquet: grace

One flowered rose: I love you like at the beginning

White and red roses bouquet: together in love

One pink rose: delicate

Orange rose: friendship

How to Maintain the Flowers?

Few small details that you have to take care when you receive or buy flowers, to help you enjoy longer your flowers. The vase must be very clean. We recommend you to wash it using special cleaning substances to remove the bacterium. Don't put very cold water because it has more oxygen and that can damage the flower. Dissolve in the water the nutritive substances that you had received with the flowers.

The Preparation

Usually, the cut flowers absorb more then half of the water they need in first 3 - 6 hours after they have been cut. That's why you have to cut 2-3 cm from the stem on diagonal line, without crashing it. The stem must be cut just before putting the flowers in the water to avoid the air pockets. Cut all the leaf under the water level, because that can create bacterium.

Where You Can Put the Flowers

Don't put them near the heating or air conditioning and keep them away from the air currents and sun rays.

How Can You Maintain the Flowers in the Vase

You need to change the water every two days or every time when the water becomes muddy. Dissolve the nutritive substances in the water. Cut the dry flowers. If it's possible, cut again 2-3 cm from the stem. Cut the leaf under the water level.


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